Dolmans Environmental Technology

Asbestos means bad news. The good news is that an expert professional is ready to assist you and will take the entire process and all the nuisance off your hands. This includes compulsory inventories, registration with concerned institutions and of the decontamination itself. Of course we will do absolutely everything we can to prevent hazards to anyone's health and the environment.

Making your problem manageable

Every situation is unique and requires a unique approach. That is exactly where our experience and skill lie: knowing what you need and anticipating this straight away. The priorities when removing asbestos from a school are very different than when removing it from an industrial site, for example.

Asbestos in the event of calamities

The removal of asbestos in the event of calamities, like a fire or storm damage, is a specialised area. Our experienced team is specialised in this. They are available and deployable 24/7 to keep damage and nuisance to a minimum. We coordinate the work, communicate with authorities and make your problem manageable. All this is done in a transparent way, with employees who have good decision-making and communication skills.

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