What is Chromium-6? Chromium is a metal. The most common forms of Chromium are Chromium-0, Chromium-3 and Chromium-6. Chromium-0 is used for chroming of steel taps, for example. Chromium-3 is found in minerals occurring naturally on earth. Chromium-3 is also found in our food and is not hazardous to health. Chromium-6 is found in natural minerals, like Chromium-3.

Due to the useful characteristics, such as resistance to rust, chromium-6 is also produced artificially. Chromium-6 is used in paint, wood, plastic and metal, for example. As Chromium-6 is hazardous to health, there are stricter safety measures for working in spaces where Chromium-6 can be emitted.

Cleaning of spaces that are contaminated with Chromium-6

There is a chance that spaces in which people have worked with Chromium-6 applications will be contaminated with dust containing Chromium-6 over time.
Due to the health risks, it is important that any risks and the scale of the contamination are mapped clearly. Dolmans Environmental Technology has developed a new working method for this, in cooperation with various investigation agencies and highly certified safety specialists. Dolmans Environmental Technology can then implement a cleaning procedure that is similar to the process for decontamination of asbestos. This allows us to create a safe working environment for you and your employees and to limit dust emission during the work.

Following completion of the work, an independent laboratory will carry out a final measurement and draw up a report.

Dolmans Environmental Technology has extensive experience in the cleaning of spaces contaminated with Chromium-6.