Cleaning maintenance

Cleaning is a profession. A profession that our specialists have mastered down to the last detail. With a customised cleaning programme, a result-focused approach but, above all, with a good dose of enthusiasm, they will ensure a clean and presentable building. 

A customised cleaning programme is the basis for a building that sparkles every day. We will be delighted to organise this basis together with you. Whether it’s an office, a school, a residential or business complex, a hotel, a shop or a care institution. Of course, we know that your business operation can be subject to changes. Thanks to our wide experience over many years, we are in a perfect position to respond in a supple and flexible way to your current practice.

With our customised approach, you can rely on an honest and realistic quality to price ratio. We always work in a (socially) responsible way and according to the principles of the Responsible Marketing Code.

Customisation in practice

Our professionals work at permanent locations and feel responsible for the quality of their work. Notable issues are identified and action is taken on these.