We have five divisions working together under one roof. The advantage for you? Integral solutions and one communication point. That helps everything run smoothly!

Dolmans Calamity Services

Calamities are always unexpected and unpleasant. Fire or storm damage, flooding, an explosion or a break-in, you can rely on us at these times of chaos in particular. You can count on us 24/7.

Dolmans Cleaning Services

A clean environment can bring a smile on someones face. Thats what Dolmans Cleaning Services offers. Cleaning services, day and night, to maintain representation in every environment.

Dolmans Environmental Technology

Asbestos means bad news. The good news is that an expert professional is ready to assist you and will take the entire process and all the nuisance off your hands. This includes compulsory inventories, registration with concerned institutions and of the decontamination itself.

Dolmans Facility Management

Whether you are looking for facilitair manager, whant to test your organasation on market conformity or whant some help with you complete facility management, then you’re at the right place at Dolmans Facility Management.

Dolmans Specialist Cleaning

Would you like to have your roof, glass, porch or floor cleaned thoroughly? Or do your sanitary facilities or commercial kitchen need a deep clean? We will make sure your building looks good as new, inside and out.