Dolmans Cleaning Services

What makes you a satisfied customer? You want your location to be perfectly clean and presentable for your users and visitors. We want to make you an enthusiastic customer. That's why we do more.

Guaranteed attention

We consider options with you, respond proactively to your unexpressed wishes and provide unexpected solutions. All to exceed your expectations and leave you not just with a clean site but with a good feeling too.

Every day we ask ourselves the question: how can we make you happy? The great thing is that it makes us happy too. We also enjoy a smile or a compliment when we hear that you are happy with our hard work and the result.

Personal relationship

The answer to our question becomes clearer the longer we work with you. We consider a personal and enduring relationship important. We want you as a customer not just today but tomorrow too.

In addition to precisely carrying out the agreed work, we therefore do everything we can to give you the attention you deserve. This means that we also remain critical of our service provision. We are always looking for opportunities for improvement and therefore like to stay in communication with you about how our work could be even better and more efficient. We always work with a permanent contact person on the work floor, short lines and structural consultation.

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