Dolmans Specialist Cleaning

Would you like to have your roof, glass, porch or floor cleaned thoroughly? Or do your sanitary facilities or commercial kitchen need a deep clean? We will make sure your building looks good as new, inside and out. Whatever task you have, we have the knowledge, experience and equipment to carry out any specialist job. 

Nothing is out of the question

Every commission is different. Cleaning of a company in the food sector requires a totally different approach to facade cleaning, for example. One thing is always the same though: our enthusiasm for surprising you with a result above your expectations. Whether it’s standard or highly complex tasks.

We work nationally but consciously have a strong regional connection. So we speak your language and the lines are short. Quality and experience are central to everything we do. With employees who are enthusiastic and have good communication skills and will interrupt your daily work as little as possible. Of course, when carrying out the work, your safety and the safety of your employees comes first.

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