Sealing of grease ducts

Fires occur regularly in catering kitchens and around 95% are caused by grease-duct fires. We have a preventive solution to combat grease-duct fires.

This solution, known as RZ-ECOSEAL involves applying a layer (1.0-1.5 mm) in the existing grease duct, which makes this very easy to clean with water and soap. The product is watertight and odour-proof and has a highly fire-retardant effect. The coating is a ‘flexible’ seal that continues to move with the duct.

The seal can be applied with a spray head over the entire length of an existing duct. Cleaning is recommended before application, but in places that are difficult to reach sealing can be carried out over the grease that is already present. After sealing, it is of course a good idea to remove the ‘new’ grease every year, but this is much easier as from then on it is possible to clean the duct using liquid cleaning products.