This is Dolmans

Established in 1958 as a cleaning company and now so much more than that. With a wide range of services and around 2000 specialists, we will surround you with all the care, attention and expertise you need in the event of calamities and in the provision of facility services.  

Typically Dolmans

It is our mission to positively surprise you in everything we do. By delivering unexpected good solutions, proactively responding to unexpressed wishes and creating a positive experience from every moment that is important to you. Just doing what you expect from us, ensures that you are satisfied. We want enthusiastic customers. That’s why we aim not for 8 but for 9 and preferably 10 out of 10. We do everything we can to achieve this. Or, as we like to put it ourselves:

Nothing is out of the question: You can see that we enjoy our work, on or off the beaten track. No task is too complicated for us.

Nothing is too much: We go through fire and water for our customers. We think with you and look ahead, we take your worries off your hands with a customised service and we act quickly.

Nothing to hide: We are honest, reliable and transparent. We meet our agreements and don’t aim for a quick profit.

Nothing to fear: We dare to take initiative and to lead the way with the latest knowledge and insights, so that we can get better every day.

Always nearby

With 20 branches throughout the Netherlands, we are always nearby and speak your language, wherever you are. You can rely on employees who are independent and have good communication skills, who will work for you enthusiastically and are proud of the work they do. Curious about what we can do for you? Contact us to make an appointment or request a quote straight away.


Within Dolmans, the various work subsidiaries work closely together. We regularly call on Trition for the implementation of drying techniques, heating, ventilation and carrying out leak detection, thermography and structural investigation, for example. For daily and changeover maintenance, as well as renovation/major maintenance and new builds, we also call on our sister company Qbuild.