Sustainable Dolmans

A better world starts with you. That’s why we do our best every day to implement concepts like ‘sustainability’ and ‘corporate social responsibility’ in a concrete way within our work. 

In practice, this means that we help people alienated from the labour market to reintegrate into society, for example. We offer them the opportunity to obtain work experience and complete training. We also work exclusively with materials that pollute the environment as little as possible. By using Cradle-to-Cradle Gold certified cleaning products or innovative eco machines, for example. And we understand only too well that the world does not stop at our borders. So we donate to Terre des Hommes. We support this organisation in its fight for a world without child exploitation, now and in the future. 

Our sustainability policy is made up of three pillars.

  1. Working together at Dolmans
  2. Caring about the environment
  3. Conducting consciously innovative business

If you would like to know more, please read our sustainability policy.