Deep cleaning of commercial kitchens

Your commercial kitchens are used intensively every day. Of course you therefore carry out cleaning every day. But what about the places that don’t immediately catch your eye? Our specialists know how to find them effortlessly and will clean your kitchen from top to bottom. 

Places that are difficult to reach are often a breeding ground for bacteria and dirt. So you not only run the risk of hygienic problems, there is also a high chance that your kitchen will be deteriorating technically. 

Deep-cleaning work

Prevention is better than cure, so we will be happy to assist you with periodic deep cleaning. During this kind of process, our professionals will clean your kitchen thoroughly. This includes the equipment, the floor under your equipment and the tiled walls behind your equipment. We will also disassemble your kitchen equipment where possible, so that we can clean the smallest parts too. Where necessary, we will replace contaminated sealant edges.

The main advantages of deep cleaning for your commercial kitchen:

Every kitchen is used differently, so it can definitely be useful to agree a customised maintenance plan so that the advantages stated above can be guaranteed for longer. This could be deep cleaning on an extensive basis and an on-demand version for specific parts or areas for attention.