Odour Treatment

A bad smell can be an unpleasant result after a calamity. We not only remove the odour, but also think actively with you about the power of a positive fragrance experience.

The power of fragrance

After a fire, water damage or a fungus problem, a penetrating odour that is difficult to remove often remains. A bad memory of a situation that is still unpleasant. Luckily, at Dolmans we have all the knowledge and equipment needed to remove bad smells as quickly as possible. We also like to go a step further and inform you of the possibility for a positive fragrance experience. We are convinced that fragrance is a powerful resource, through which you can influence your customers’ emotions. Thanks to our advanced equipment, we can add almost any desired fragrance to your air-conditioning installation and provide a pleasant surprise for everyone who visits your site, with a positive impression and a good feeling.